Ben Atkinson-Foster

App Design and Development

App design and development is a relatively new area of interest for me, but it was one of the mainstays of my business, Tall Lime Ltd. which I ran for four years after graduating from the University of Lincoln.

During that time I worked closely with the Human Resources department at the University to design and build an award-winning app for their ‘new starters’ which went on to be distributed to all new members of staff. This was a great project to work on as it was one of the first ‘web-apps’ to be distributed in this way to such a large body of people. I’ve also worked closely with the School of Health and Social Care at Lincoln to design an application which supported the training of their sign-off mentors working within healthcare locally. The application included training videos, a short quiz and automatic certificate generation. The whole approach was designed so that users could move through the resources at their own pace.

Working with the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, I designed and built an app called ‘Yellow Belly Trails’ which takes users on a food and drink journey through the county. There are various routes to following, including by car, bike and on foot. Each trail includes a variety of local food and drink establishments to discover and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Lincolnshire to tourists and locals alike. The app is available on the web and on iOS devices. It is hoped that an Android version will be launched in the near future.